Many millions of people donate money voluntarily to support a huge range of charities and charitable causes. This is not some minority practice. We are all involved. Indeed when you stop and think, this is humbling, inspiring and unique. As a nation we must take pride in the charitable instinct that gives so much back to all of us without exception. This is one of the most powerful expressions of a caring, supportive culture where people look out for one another.

We are at risk of taking this for granted and forgetting the essential role we all play in making this our reality. We must protect, build on and celebrate charity and charitable giving.

The recent negative media attention on fundraising and the recent review into fundraising regulation shows that all is not well. Whilst most fundraising is good and much is exemplary, some fundraising approaches and the system of regulation are not working well enough. This is a timely wake-up call. We need to respond by going further than ever before and think differently about fundraising to improve the donor experience. We all know it needs to happen.