The Commission has one simple ideal – to place donors at the heart of fundraising.

Together we will improve fundraising in the UK by appealing to the feelings, thoughts and desires of donors as well as emphasising the needs of the charity. We will identify best practice and capture examples of it in order that these should become shared and common practice.

Why change is needed

Many millions of people donate money voluntarily to support a huge range of charities and charitable causes. This is not some minority practice. We are all involved. Indeed when you stop and think, this is humbling, inspiring and unique. As a nation we must take pride in the charitable instinct that gives so much back to all of us without exception. This is one of the most powerful expressions of a caring, supportive culture where people look out for one another.

We are at risk of taking this for granted and forgetting the essential role we all play in making this our reality. We must protect, build on and celebrate charity and charitable giving.

How we'll create change

In order to create change the Commission will:

  • distil and define our best understanding of what donors want and how they feel
  • identify practical actions which fundraisers can take to ensure donors stay at the heart of their fundraising
  • share and communicate that experience far and wide
  • ensure a rewarding and welcoming experience for new donors as they first engage with their chosen cause
  • aim to train and equip fundraisers to deliver the best practical donor experience
  • seek to define the desirable skills, attributes and values fundraisers will need
  • consider the body of existing knowledge within the fundraising profession to inform its outputs.
  • actively seek to innovate in redefining /reinventing the donor/cause relationship.

What success looks like

The outcomes of the Commission will be measurably happier and more delighted donors who are champions and advocates for charities and for charitable giving. Outcomes also include the media being on the side of charities and the good that they deliver; the general public knowing what charities stand for, what they do and how they do it; donors proud to be donors and fundraisers proud to be fundraisers.

How we work with other initiatives

The Commission is working closely with the Institute of Fundraising, the Public Fundraising Association, the Fundraising Regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office, the National Council for Voluntary Organisations and with the office of the Minister for Civil Society.