You know that fundraising needs to change.

You believe that supporting a cause should be such a wonderful experience that people will be inspired to donate, fundraise, get involved and be advocates.

Now is the time for us all to make that happen by simply being an enthusiast.

Together, the enthusiasts form a network of committed charity lovers (a movement!) who will be part of making that change and we see you as an important part of that.

We can't do this alone, but we can achieve this change together.

In the first phase, this network will focus on developing and defining practical ways to help fundraisers everywhere deliver happy, satisfying and effective experiences for donors. After that the network will help identify innovative ways to spread these concepts far and wide. The goal is to transform fundraising not just in Britain, but around the world.

As an enthusiast you will:

  1. Be open to new thinking and ideas.
  2. Be willing to try out new ways to improve the donor experience.
  3. Contribute and share what you have learned.
  4. Invite others to join this movement.
  5. Support the Commission on the Donor Experience by getting involved in projects and volunteering.
  6. Help shape the Commission’s recommendations.

If you believe in what we stand for become an enthusiast and join us.

You can join simply by completing the form below. Leave your name and contact details and anything else you would like to share with us about your areas of interest, experience or any ideas you have about how we can improve donor experiences. We won’t pass on your details to anyone else. You don’t have to be a fundraiser. You can be anyone who has a passion for making the experience of giving more fulfilling and more worthwhile.

You know people who will want to be part of this too. Please do encourage them to get involved. Explain what we’re trying to achieve, direct them here and help them sign up.

Thank you.


Richard Turner, Howard Lake, Amanda Shepard, Roger Lawson, Georgia Bridgwood, Richard Spencer